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Wholly Committed

(Singing) To be like Jesus. To be like Jesus. All I ask is to be like Him. All through life’s journey, from earth to glory. All I ask is to be like Him!”

So many today have American Idols, Pop Icons, and other famous wanna be’s. I will admit there was a time I wanted to be like someone famous. I wanted a different life. A different name and definitely a different body! But when I realized that God made me special for a reason, a purpose that only I could complete, I became satisfied with who I was. I was made to serve Him! I was made to be a nurse to make people who were suffering have a little better day. I was made to be a mommy to my McKenna and Madison and love, teach, and nurture them into adulthood. I was made to be a teacher of the Word of God. He put these desires in my heart for a reason, after all. I didn’t pursue these on my own. God planted the seed and birthed these in me. However, I have a confession. I wasn’t “wholly committed” when these came about. I was ready to receive, but not ready to give my all. I love my children and being their mommy is the best thing in this world. I love being a nurse and it has given me a purpose in life that I think has really completed me on many levels. But committed to God? Why, yes. I got saved when I was seventeen. Committed. Really? Well, uh, yes. . Really? I don’t know. Really? Well, maybe not like I thought I was. OUCH! That really hurts to admit. Hurts my flesh and my spirit. How did I not know this? Simple. LIFE. Life gets in the way of so much. Especially our relationship with God. We are human and on this sinful earth. We get caught up in our daily activities and the world that surrounds us and consumes us that we don’t realize that we are not wholly committed to God.
This is where I found myself a few years back. I realized that God was not number one in my life. Oh, I said He was, but He really wasn’t. My job was. My kids were. My house was. My marriage was. EVERYTHING else was BUT God! I loved Him. But I didn’t want to be “wholly committed”. You see, that would require committment and a lot of work and effort and that wears me out. Right? Wrong! What wears me out is running from the calling of God!! God has called me to share His Word with others. I am doing that many ways now. I do bible studies with the women at my church (which God is calling me to do again soon), He has called me to start this blog with women on my facebook page and hopefully with women I haven’t even met yet. He has called to teach the Sunday school and I do that with the Young Adults at my church. He has called me to LOVE Him and tell everyone that He is coming soon. Sooner than anyone thinks and to get ready! GET READY!! Did you hear that? Get ready for Jesus is coming for His bride! Not a girl who wants a casual relationship, but one that is wholly committed to Him and Him alone! I am. Are you?



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