Trust Walk

049Have you ever had to walk blind folded while someone lead you around? It is so hard not to peek! What if you trip over something? What if you run into something? And worse of all, what if you fall? Well, folks, God sometimes requires us to take what I call “faith walks” with Him. We have no idea where we are going and we can’t see the obstacles in the way until we are right up on them. But think about the ones that God moves BEFORE we get to them. You know, the big ones that can cause great damage, or worse, our demise. Yet we still complain about what’s around us, in front of us and yes, behind us! Why worry? The past is the past. God has forgiven that if it was a sinful one for you and if not, then hopefully you learned the lesson He wanted you to learn. What’s around you doesn’t matter. God is greater. We all know that! So why worry about the future? What’s in front of us is there and there is nothing WE can do to change that. We have to rely on God for taking care of us and removing the obstacles that get in our way. Some obstacles He leaves on purpose to test our strength, agility and endurance. Yes, He will test us. But, guess what the good news is? He wants us to rely on Him to pass the test too. And if we fall or fail? It’s ok. He helps us up and try again…with His help! Trust Him. Walk with Him. Have faith in Him! #He’sGotThis!!!


About byhisgrace686

I am a wife, mommy, and a registered nurse who loves Jesus! I have been a Christian for 27 years and no, it has not always been easy. But God has been faithful and kept me all this time! I teach the young adult Sunday school class at my local church, the Kenova Church of God (associated with the church of God out of Cleveland, Tennessee). I am a scrapbooker by heart, and a Pinterest addict by default. I love to read (Lysa TerKeurst, Beth Moore, Max Lucado, Elizabeth George and Karen Kingsbury, to name a few). Studying God's Word is a passion and I just can't get enough of it! That's why I started this blog! I wanted to connect with more people, especially women, in these difficult days while we wait on the return of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am here to encourage, remind, and share what God has done for not only me, but others in my life! Please join me and lets be like Esther and be pleasing in God's sight and find HIS favor...for who knows, maybe He brought us together for "such a time as this!" Esther 4:14 View all posts by byhisgrace686

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